Alappuzha (Alleppey) has been surrounded by water. Here children learn their lesson from fishing, swim before walk and learn row boats instead bicycle. Alappuzha back waters include Kuttanad region. Most of the rice required for keralites is produced from this region. Hence it is known as BOWL OF RICE. Alappuzha allure is the back waters. We can commonly see Chinese fishing nets and toddy tapers with fresh coconut toddy in the back waters. Alappuzha is famous for its boat race. Snake shaped boats are prepared specially for this race. This is egged many days before the race. Several years ago this back water is the only route that were coming for trade with India and back loading our precious black gold (pepper). A ride through. This land of timeless beauty will hold spectators captivated with its lush greenery, emerald backwaters and sparkling white-sand beaches. Situated in the southwestern part of Kerala, the place is famous for its stunning natural splendors. Alleppey, popularly known as the “Venice of the East”, is famous for its labyrinthine network of backwaters and canals and its extensive sea shore stretching over 82 km.Being flanked by an extensive network of backwaters and, paddy fields, the inhabitants of Alleppy lead a distinct water-based lifestyle quite unique to the region. The region is well acclaimed for its religious tolerance - with people from different walks of faith living together harmoniously and peacefully for centuries. The “Vallamkaly” or Snake Boat Race, a major event held in the backwaters of Alleppey attracting hoards of travelers, is supposedly the biggest team-sport event in the world.

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