Properties Registration

The land can be registered in a sub registrar office, after preparing the title deed including all the relevant information. You could get the title deed written by a government licensed Document writer. Even lawyers can prepare the deed, but the document can only be computer printed or typed, not handwritten. Handwritten documents can be prepared by only those who hold the scribe license. A draft should be prepared before actually writing the document in stamp paper. Make sure all the details mentioned are accurate. If there is incorrectness in the document after registering, a secondary document with the correct details has to be registered and depending on the incorrectness, the registration expenses will be repeated.Make sure that the deed is registered within the time limit mentioned in the agreement. Original title deed, Previous deeds, Property/House Tax receipts, Torence Plan (optional) etc plus two witnesses are needed for registering the property. Torence plan is a detailed plan of the property prepared by a licensed Surveyor which will have accurate details of the measurements including width, length, borders etc. This plan is needed only in some specific areas. For land costing more than five lakhs, the seller should submit either his Pan card or Form Number 16 during registration.
The expenses involved during registration include Stamp Duty, registration fees, Document writers/ lawyer's fees etc. The stamp duty will depend on the cost of the property and varies from Municipality to Corporation to Panchayat. In Panchayat the stamp duty will be 10% of the cost of the land whereas in Municipality it is 12% and in Corporation 13.5%. Two percentages will be charged as the registration fees. Document writer's fee also depend on the cost of the property and varies with individuals. There is a percentage prescribed by the government as Document writer's fee and they cannot charge more than the prescribed limit. After registration, the registered document will be received after 2-3 weeks, from the registrar office.