St Marys Church Kundra

Kundara St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Cathedral is located about 200 meters from Arumurikkadajunction on Arumurikkada - Kuzhimathikadu - Nallila Road. The church in Malankara is an integral part of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church with the Patriarch of Antiochas its supreme head. The local head of the church in Malankara is the Catholicose of India. His Beatitude Baselios Thomas I, ordained by and accountable to the Patriarch of Antioch. TheFeast of Virgin Mary's birth is celebrated from September 1 to 8 every year.On September 7 evening a Rasa is conducted from Church to Cheerankavu Junction and Mukkada Junction and back to Church. Apostle Thomas founded one of his "seven and a half churches" in Kollam. They were family or community churches as neither Holy Bible was codified nor cross was acknowledged as the symbol of Christian faith in the first century AD. The church founded by the Apostle at the ancient Kollam port of Tarsish (thevalakara) was re-constructed three times. The second re organising of the Tarsish Christian nambuthiri community which was still inside vedic Vaishnavism was in the 4th century when a Persian cross brought from a Red sea port was erected in accordance with the Nicaea sunnahodose the first ecumenical council of theChristian church, meeting in ancient Nicaea. It was called by the emperor Constantine I, an unbaptized catechumen, or neophyte, who presided over the opening session and took part in the discussions declaration making the cross the symbol of Christian faith the World over for the first time. In 825 AD here re constructing the Tarsi sh-a -palli at Thevalakara for the third time as the first church founded by him with Syrian litergy after receiving the Tarsish-a-palli plates from Kulshekara kings which in reality laid the foundation of Christianity as a religion in Kerala outside Vedic Vaishnavism

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