Thiuvallam is one of the most beautiful backwaters in kerala. Situated in proximity to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, the Backwaters of Thiruvallam are known for their exceptional scenic charm and an unmatched tranquil ambience. Located on the picturesque confluence of two beautiful rivers- Killi and Karamana, Thiruvallam Backwaters provide visitors perfect conditions for pleasure navigation including exciting canoe rides. Frequented by thousands of pleasure seekers and nature lovers, Thiruvallam backwaters have emerged as a popular backwaters destination in Kerala. Enjoy a memorable Thiruvallam Backwaters Tour with Kerala Backwaters and experience the nature at its very best.
Variety of Thousands of devotees throng to Thiruvallam to perform rituals in honor of their ancestors. Discover the historic attractions of Thiruvallam along with its scenic landscape on Thiruvallam Backwaters. Tour with Kerala BackwatersThiruvallam is not all about its enchanting backwaters, but the place is also a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination of Kerala. Thiruvallam houses the sacred temple of Lord Parshurama, who is believed to be the creator of Kerala according to legends
Tour of Thiruvallam Backwaters, you can enjoy a comfortable houseboat cruise on the beautiful and serene backwaters of Thiruvallam or take an exciting ride to explore the hidden beauties of Thiruvallam Backwaters. Float along on a houseboat and pass through lush paddy fields and beautiful countryside where life continues healthy and younger rhythm. Spot colorful water birds and see exotic lotus flowers amidst soothing sound of water splashing as your house boat sails along. You may enjoy a memorable holiday on the backwaters of Thiruvallam with experience this little paradise in all its beauty.
On Thiruvallam Backwaters Tour, you can also visit the famous Veli Lagoon, is separated by a narrow sand bar from the Arabian Sea. Veli Lagoon has a waterfront park and a floating bridge and offers excellent facilities for water sports. Famous Akulam Boat club is another tourist attraction near Thiruvallam, offering exciting boat cruising on Akulam Lake. Enjoy the scenic beauty of fascinating backwaters of Thiruvallam and visit the famous tourist attractions in and around Thiruvallam with Kerala Backwaters.





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