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Our Nation is depending upon Hydroelectric power, Thermal power, Natural Gas and Neculiar power etc to get AC power which is costlier. So for using Solar Power Murickens Group developed an instrument with advanced technique, called Solar Sine wave UPS cum Inverter (all in one) . It is essential equipment for solving power cut problems. This unit is only the source of getting AC Power wherever there is no electric power, and getting sufficient solar power. MG designed a fully automatic Sine wave Solar System which has no need of Man power for the operation. It is useful for working of Household Electrical and Electronic equipments as well as wherever we need uninterrupted continuous flow of power. The main advantage is no need of extra wiring and connect to the existing wiring. Can work through Solar Power as well as AC power according to our discretion. The products are integrated with controllers, also are applicable for wind/solar hybrid power systems. There is an option to avoid initial investment cost; we can connect Solar panel at any time in future. If we connect with Electricity power and solar power first working preference is solar power and if there is no sufficient solar power it will go to electric power automatically. If we use Solar Power we can save money, Nation and protect our environment we can see all the functional activities through LCD Meter Display built in it. It is convenient to use in house, office, even desert area. We have already installed thousands of fully automatic lower and higher solar power plants all over Kerala for the last ten years. All our solar products we arrange MNRE ( ministry of natural renewable energy ) government subsidies through ANERT.

  • Flyline pure sine wave solar system can used for lighting a house as well as powering computers and other electronic equipments that need uninterrupted power supply.
  • UPS and Inverter mode selection switch.
  • Work with the power of solar power/AC power , the best way to save money and nation by using natural resource.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Provision for connecting KSEB current and solar power.
  • Attractive Designs.
  • Pollution free type.
  • Single Switch Operation.
  • DSP based very low component cost design.
  • Single sided PCB, easy to assemble without any SMD components.
  • Auto resetting.
  • Protection from lightening, High/Low Voltage Trip.
  • Over Load Protection.
  • Over Charge and Deep Discharge cut off.
  • Independent Digital display for Solar or KSEB charging voltage, main voltage, inverter voltage, load etc.
  • Audio and Visual Indicators.
  • Can be connected to the existing wiring.
  • Bridge type center aligned switching MOSFET based topology.
  • Settable SMPS intelligent charging system.
  • No husking sound.
  • It is a fully automatic built-in charging control system system, No need of any manpower.
  • The Special feature of the system is , when the battery is full and there is sufficient sunlight the system will automatically cut the main line off (KSEB Line) and connect the solar system. This feature is applicable only if you use the recommended capacity of solar panel and solar inverter.
  • If is only when the battery is low and there is no sufficient sun light the system automatically charge from the main line .
SL.No. Parameter Single Phase Unit
1 Rating 650 VA to 5 000 VA
2 Input Voltage Range 180V - 270 AC or Solar Power 12, 24, 36, 48V
3 Normal Output Voltage 230V AC
4 Output Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 %
5 Input Frequency 45 - 55
6 Power Factor -0.8 Lagging to unit
7 Efficiency 95%
8 Control Digital/Analogue
9 Winding Copper Wires
10 Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
11 Mounting Free
12 Compact in size, Can work on Generators  
13 Charging AC or Solar Power
14 Noise Low Noise <50db
15 Battery 12, 24 or 48 V
16 Heat Above 50 Degree

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