This youngest district of Kerala has several niceties to offer to the enthusiastic and pilgrims. The land of Yakshagana and Theyyam Kasargod is acquiring prominence in the tourist map of India The enduring charm of its beach, the architectural marvel of the temples, mosques and churches and the unique and tell tale folk art forms are genuine areas of attractions for the tourist like Bakel Kotta, Mananchira, Anadapura, Madhur Sidhi Vinayaka Temple etc. Major Agricultaral process in cashew, rubber and other plantation crops.For the easy search of properties for buying and selling at Kasagode Dist., we have parted the areas of Kasargode dist. in our web site like Municipalities, panchayath in different categories.

Kanjangad area

Ajanur properties, Balal, Kallar land for sale, properties at Kanjangad Municipality, Kodem Belur properties, land at Madikai, land for sale in Pallikere, properties at Panathadi, Pullur Periya, Uduma etc.

Kasargode Town

Bedadukka properties, Chemnad properties, Chenkala land, Dhelampadi properties, land for sale in Karadka, Kasargode Municipality properties, Kuttikol properties, Madhur land, land at Mogral Puthur and Muliyar

Manjeshwaram Area

Properties at Badiaduka, Belloor, land at Enmakaja, Kumbadaje, Kumbla and properties in Mangalpady, Manjeswaram, land at Meenja, Paivalike, Puthiga, Vorkkadi etc.

Neeleshwaram area

Properties at Cheruvathoor, land in East Eleri and West Eleri, land for sale at Kaiyyor – Cheemeni and Kinanoor – Karinthalam, properties at Neeleswaram Municipality, properties for sale in Padane, Pilikode, Trikaripur and Valiyaparambu etc.