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Fair Value of land : Kerala Government has declared a fair value of land in all parts of kerala . From the link given below,we can serch the fair value of land every where in kerala .In order to find out kerala properties Government fixed registration land value or Government land registraton minimum fixed rate which is needed for land document registraton, we must know the minimum details of properties like District, Taluk, Village, RDO and Survey number ( old or re-survey)
On April 1st , the registration department will introduce, the fair value system.
The fair value system has divided land in Kerala into 15 categories on the basis of their location and access to the public roads. Each category has given a minimum value level and the stamp duty for registering the property will be on the basis of this value.
15 Categories are as follows:
1. Commercially Important Plot
2. Residential Plot with NH, PWD Road access.
3. Residential Plot with Corporation, Municipality, Panchayath Road Access.
4. Residential Plot with Private Road Access.
5. Residential Plot without Vehicular Access
6. Garden Land with Road Access
7. Garden Land without road access
8. Coastal Belt
9. Water Logged Land
10. Rocky Land
11. Waste Land
12. Wet Land
13. Hill tract with road access
14. Hill tract without road access
15. Government Property.

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