Wayanadu district was formed in November 1, 1980. Wayanad was located near sahya mountains at eastern frontier of Kerala. Wayanad has blessed with the goddess of beauty. Wyanad has the highest concentration of Tribals in Kerala. Wayanadu has gets the highest anuual rainfall overall in Kerala. wyanad is a good tourist place in Kerala. Panamaram is great traditional and historical importance by the ruler of Pazhassiraja. Glass Temple, Chembra Peak, Banasura Sagar Dam, Kanthanpara Waterfalls (19 kms), Chain Tree(16 kms). These gives more beauty to Wayanad.All of them who have a wish to Buy a property at Wayanad district don't hesitated contact with MURICKEN'S GROUP we will solve all your real estate problems at your requirement in Wayanad and for easy search we have divided the properties Municipality and Panchaythuwise us under.

Kalpatta townarea peopeties for sale

Kalpatta Municipality areas land for sale. Kaniyambetta properties, Kottathara, Meppadi land, Moopayinadu land for sale, Muttil properties, Padinjarathara land, Pozhuthana land, Thariode properties, properties in Vengapally and Vyithiri.

Mananthawadi area

Properties in Edavaka area, Mananthavadi area, Land for sale at Panamaram area, Thavinjal properties, Thirunelli land, Thondernadu properties, land at Vellamunda

Sulthan Batheri area

Properties of Ambalavayal, resorts, estate at Meenangadi for sale, land at Mullenkolli, Nenmani area, property for sale at Noolpuzha, Poothadi, Pulppalli properties, Sulthan Bathery area land for sale.