History and importance of rubber in kerala

Rubber had long been in historical plant. Since Columbus had discovered America in 1495 (509 yearsago), Red Indian , ancient tribe of South of America, called it ' Caoutchoue ' . Meaning is ' Crying Tree ' . The reason is that when it is cut off with knife or sharpen tools, its natural latex automatically comes out as a tear of tree. Red Indian made the use of Rubber tree and natural latex for their kitchenware and daily living such as disc, bowl, bottle and simple shoe. The way they made simple shoe was to immerge their foot to natural latex, lifted up their leg and waited until it dried. Followed such manner several times; they could then get softly underneath shoe for use as wearing a comfortable sock.Before group of European adventurers leaving South America for hometown, people brought them some pieces of Rubber from Para City located on the basin of Amazon River , South America . While staying at home, found that when they erased pencil trace from paper, it came out easily. Therefore, name of 'Rubber' or 'Para Rubber' was then recognized by and well-known to public worldwide.

Rubber is an important plant not only for world economic strategies but also for the use of living of humankind. The more social development, the more requirements of products made of Rubber for people utilization is increasing everyday. Natural latex is one of important raw material available for making various kinds of products in heavy industries such as motor and vehicle industry, kitchenware and house ware. In our daily life, we are always involving with products made of Rubber. Remember that day today life of people in civilized countries is bound with Rubber from birth to death. Rubber is significantly economic plant of Thailand. Rubber tree, including seeds and plantation are beneficial for all kinds of use, increasing more income and employment opportunity for Thai agriculturist. At present, Thai agriculturist are proud to have their plantation, increasing in total every year. Plantation is easy to control and look after, save cost and time for its growth. Not like other plants , Rubber products have long been grown with its best outcome year after year. According to above result, Thailand is the largest land of Rubber plantation in the world.

india is one among the top ten rubber producing countries. Kerala state is leading rubber plantation state in India. Most of the Malanaadu and Idanaadu areas of Kerala state are growing rubber. Years back people used to plant coconut in their fields. But today people plant rubber trees instead as it gives a daily income. Researches made at the research centre at Puthuppally, in KOTTAYAM District have produced good varities of rubber plants giving a very good yield. This plant which was brought to India during the British rule, has spread all kerala and other parts of India and providing daily income to the growers as well as the workers. With presently rapid growth, most of countries are improving and expanding their business in the field of agriculture, heavy industrial factories and commercial industries. Back to 1945-1954, 'Para' is an utmost element made for the growth of the world, especially automobile, transportation, communication and industries. We can ensure that 'Para' is as thermometer to indicate the economic growth of the country. It also indicates the growth of developed or underdeveloped countries. Therefore, it is shown directly as a significant millstone of the growth of developed countries.

Research and development of Rubber used in industrial factories in Europe have been expanding very quickly. European people bring natural latex to prepare their raincoat, producing rubber sheet and seals for engine's flexibility, doctor's equipment, sport wears, gift and toys. However, large quantity of Rubber is used in tire industries. Expanding services of transportation and communication urge Rubber industries to aware of the demand and supply which is increasing everyday. One says 'Civilized man travels by Rubber' . It is true because some airline industries make the use of Rubber to produce specific airplane's tire as high technology. Moreover, Rubber is only natural raw material available for making furniture, foam for bed and sofa for people comfortable living, delicate parts of machineries and life saving equipments. List of items made of Rubber consists of:- rubber eraser, shoe, sock, tyre, gloves, toy balloon, and doll and sport equipment. life saving equipments on board ship and aircraft.Rubber continues supplying natural latex for over 30 years. It serves better benefit to all kinds of people use. When Rubber discontinues supplying natural latex, rubber tree is cut off for making furniture; wooden photo frame made of Rubber, inserting people beautiful picture for their remembrance.





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