Kerala Government Going Green with Murickens Group

Murickens Group has entered the renewable energy field since 1992 by providing solar water heater and solar electrical energy power production in 2000 and has done many successful product installations all over Kerala and in other parts of India. After our great success in this field we have recently installed products at the Kerala Agricultural University (Research Station), Malappuram. The Govt. also has realized the need for utilizing renewable energy and we were the first company to light a Govt. institution with renewable energy resources. It was our first encounter with the Kerala Govt. We take it as a turning point for us and we can be of great service to the Govt. sector in the future on the utilization of renewable energy for power production.

Murickens Solar system Insatallation :Watch Here

At this time of energy scarcity we have developed various kinds of fully automatic and user friendly renewable energy products affordable to anyone and all of them have proved great quality in the market and we providing very good customer service any where, at any time.

Our Soar Iverter can be used as an alternative to K.S.E.B current and can be connected to the existing line. Our Solar Charge Controller can convert your existing inverter into solar inverter by adding sufficient solar panels. There is also choice for fully ng a house with solar power by our Solar Stand Alone System.





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