Mosque at ErumelI

Erumeli is famous for Hindu Muslim religious harmoney . The Mosque at Erumeliabout 60 Km from north-east of Kottayam town is dedicated to Vavar, a contemporary and companion of Lord Ayyappa, a Hindu deity. Every year the unique sight of multitudes of Hindu pilgrims worshipping at this mosque before they trek to Sabarimala to worship Lord Ayyappa.

Vavar (also known as Vavaraswami) is a mythological figure related to lord Ayyappa in Hindu belief. There is a shrine dedicated to Vavaraswami at Sabarimala, as well as Vavaraswami's mosque at Erumely next to an Ayyappa temple. Pettathulal(Petta Kettu)is a historic ritualistic dance held annually on 27th Dhanu at Erumely . It is performed during the Mandalam - Makaravilakku period (November, December and January) in the presence of millions of devotees which depicts the joyfulness of people by the slaying of Mahishi by Lord Ayyappa.Two groups actively participates in the thullal, one from Ambalappuzha and other from Aalangadu.Before the thullal of Ambalappuzha group, a Shrikrishna parunth (sacred eagle) flies round in the sky. It is believed that lord Vishnu himself arrives from Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna temple on his mount Garuda to witness the thullal.

Erumely is the name extracted from Erumakolli ("killed the buffalo"). A myth tells that Lord Ayyappa killed "Mahishi" in this place on the way to collect a tiger's milk. Mahish means buffalo and "Eruma" in Malayalam and hence the name extract "erumakolli". The village is nourished by Manimala River.





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