Present kerala land registration procedure for NRI's

As per the present land registration procedure introduced by the Government of Kerala on 7th May, 2007It has become mandatory to add photos and thumb impressions of very buyer and seller on stamp paper at the time of documents registration. This is to stop fake transactions ( selling and buying of land in the state).

This decision is very difficult to every NRIs to buy or sell land in their dream land in kerala. but now some exemption given for NRIs , that the Govt. exempt NRIs from personal appearance when selling or buying land in Kerala.

For this the NRIs could send the power to his family members or others to get the document registered in their name through a power of attorney , this power attonamy stamp charge is normal for to direct blood relative and for others stamp charge is high, in this case also buyer and seller must produce their thump impression ,photo and ID proof at the time of registration.

Steps to Buying/selling Real Estate in Kerala for NRI Malayalees

1.Calculate the fair value of the land/property.A document writer can help you in finding this information.

2.Get a Stamp Duty Paper for the registration price.

3.Make sure that one Stamp Duty Paper is with the NRI who is involved.

4.Attach a passport size photo on the Stamp Duty Paper and leave a left hand thumb impression

5.Attach attested copies of identity and address proof and ncessarry documents to prove the NRI status.





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