Kottayam town is the gateway to pilgrim centres of Sabarimala, Vaikom, Ettumanoor,Erumeli. The famous Vaikom Siva Temple, associated with the legendary Parasurama, is just 40 Km.from north of Kottayam town and is a typical example of Kerala Temple Architecture. So also are the Temples of Perunna , Vazhappally and Thrikkodithanam near Changanachery. There is a school imparting training in Temple art forms like Panchavadyam, (orchestra of five musical instruments) Sopanasangeetham, Nagaswaram etc at Vaikom in connection with Siva Temple.

The temple at Ettumanoor about 12Km.from north of Kottayam is famous for the exquisite samples of ancient murals and 'Ezharaponnana' or the 7 ½ elephants finished in gold.it is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Kumbham (February – March), on the night of the eighth-day devotees can witness the procession of these golden elephants. The arattu ceremony is held on the tenth day on Thiruvathira asterism.Caparisoned elephants and traditional temple orchestra are also part of the procession.

The religious festivals of this district are also famous. Pettathullel at Erumeli (January) Ashtami at Vaikom ( November/December) Ezharaponnana at Ettumanoor ( February/March)Blessed Alphonsa at Bharananganam(July) Ettunompu at Manarcad(September)Chandanakudam at Changanacherry (December) are prominent among them. One will find thousands of Hindus, Muslims and Christians mixing and mingling during these occasions in their quest for peace and salvation





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