Vagamon, a beautiful picnic spot famous for trekking, is situated near Peermedu in Idukki district.it is about 18 km from Erattupetta, 60 km from Kottayam and 30 km from Pala situated on the Idukki-Kottayam border, at an elevation of 1100 metres above sea level is a trekker’s paradise.

Vagamon was used by the British for tea plantations and they were followed by Christian missionaries who built their abode of service at Kurisumala in Vagamon. National Geographic Traveler has listed Vagamon on their directory of the "50 most attractive places to visit in India".

Vagamon hill Station is comprised of a beautiful series of hillocks , valleys and cascading water falls.For adventure seekers , there is an option for trekking and para gliding.This tourist place also has to offer Thangal para, the indo-Swiss Project and Kurishumala Ashram. Kurishumala Ashram, a sky scraping mountain with a small church on its peak and the Kurishumala Ashramam, a monastery atop another hill. The Ashraman is a small community of ascetics who follow the Christian faith but combines with it the Indian spiritual traditions and Gandhian thought. People of all faith are welcome to visit the place. On Good Friday thousands of people are visiting this place.The months from June to September experience the monsoon spell. The heavy rainfall during this season makes travelling arduous. Hence, the best time to visit Vagamon is during the dry seasons, which are summers and winters. Both seasons have their perks.





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