Part - I
Vasthu, the place where we are living. So we are all directed by the Sourayudham. Sun being the center of controlling part. This indicates all the ingredients of the Sourayadham has got the face or direction towards the Sun. Therefore, the Earth as a vasthu, its face or direction is towards Sun Which is called the East. Then we will be getting west as back side, right and left as South and North accordingly. In the same way, the earth is tied with North also for its proper strength.

The continent, country, states district, village and the 50 or 10 cents of the part of the Earth where we are constructing the house are all the Vasthus in their context. Each Vasthu has got the full quality and draw back of the earth. So we reach the important factory of the earth or Vasthus as the direction of the Earth.

Proper information are getting from proper direction.

Part - II
Samaveda[Gandharva Veda] Feelings Yajurveda [Dhanurveda] Karma [Work]
Brahma  Adharva Veda  [Sthapathy Veda]Samrakshnam[Preservation]
Rikveda-Ayurveda Realisation of knowledge - about Panchabhutham

The corner direction indicates fear, quarrel, inconsistency and Infertility for South East, South West, North West and North East respectively.

Samaveda [Gandharva Veda]

Yajurveda [Dhanurveda]
Karma [Work]


Adharva Veda[Sthapathy Veda]

Realisation of knowledge - about Panchabhutham

Part - III
Vastu stands in Earth. Earth depends on water-water is balanced by Agni, Agni is controlled by air (either). Air movements are possible in Akasha. Similarly the Purusha - living beings. The body (earth) depends the water. Contents in the body balanced by the Agni (98.6 Degree in the body). Agni-heat is controlled by the air. Breathing which is possible only if we are having space(Akash) inside the human body.

Therefore Vasthu called as Vastu Purusha Mandala. So the Vasthu and the building must be considered as a lively place and structure, became it will be having all the qualities and drawbacks of the earth so as in the Sourayudha.
Now all the ingredients or parts of Sourayudham directs to the Sun. the face is to the centre of the Sourayudham ie Eath as a mass directs to or makes darshan to the Sun.

Continents to its center
Country to its center
Similarly State, Village to their center.

Therefore each Vasthu as whole in the village to the center of the village, but the part and places of the Vasthu direct to the center of the vasthu which is called the Nabhi or brahmasthram of Vasthu.

If we consider one vastu all the materials or contents facing towards the center of Vasthu which means whatever the West faces, East, South-North, West-East,North-South.

From this we are getting the form of house making courtyard in middle. All the houses faces to the center of the courtyard.





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